time trainer seminars

Time Trainer Seminars

Be guided by UCAT mentors to improve your efficiency and speed

Time Trainer Seminars
High Yield
These 2 hour workshops are designed to help students optimise their scores in their last few weeks prior to the UCAT
Custom Designed
Every single questions in these classes is custom developed to help students lean valuable speed saving skills for the exam
The seminars involve lots of activities and questions to help students actively learn

The time trainer classes run from the 28th of May to the 26th of June. They are a group of 10 classes that run alongside the simulated mock exams. At this stage of their training students should be doing full length mocks and working on timing.
While the simulated and online mock exams will allow students to do full length exams – the time trainer seminars are two-hour workshops which should involve a 30 minute “quarter mock” and then a run through for the next 1.5 hours. Quarter mocks must be uploaded onto the LMS and the solutions on a google slides presentation for the 1.5 run through

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