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An Overview

Fraser's Premedical is an educational company that supports students throughout their entire journey into Medicine, Dentistry and Optometry - truly making us, One of a Kind.

Why Fraser's Premedical?

How do we do it?

By covering the 3 most important things a students requires for future success with-

The Absolute Best

- Teachers/ Mentors

- Resources/ Support

- Culture for Developement

How do I get into Medicine?

There's more than one way!


Pathways into Medicine

Our Performance

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Interview Success Rate

Why Us?

We provide tutoring, mentoring and resources to help guide students along every step of the way. 

Our programs are highly comprehensive with multiple small group workshops, weekly classes, 1-1 tutorials, regular mentoring sessions and an extensive question bank. 

With over 200+ tutors, in Medicine, Dentistry and Optometry, we have experts in literally every pathways to enter these professions across Australia and New Zealand. 

If you are in High School and are thinking about entering these professions. We are here to help. Every step of the way.

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