Why Fraser's UCAT ?

Fraser’s UCAT provides unparalleled support to our students to help optimise their preparation for the UCAT. We have refined our programs to ensure success of students in their journey and holistically develop them to be the best medical professionals they can be. We maximise time around school commitments, with our diverse team of tutors sharing common excellence in teaching and mentoring. Our program provides unequaled tutor contact, effective small groups and data driven feedback to meet the needs of every single student.

Holistic Development

Fraser’s is the only company that can support students throughout their entire
medical and health

4x  more likely to get above 90th Percentile

Our students are approximately 4x more likely to get above the 90th Percentile than the national average.

WHY? Because we put a strong focus on fundamentals, application and simulation to ensure that every one of our students are equipped to do their best

Fraser's Method

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Fundamentals  Application  Simulation


We at Fraser’s strike the right balance between one-on-one mentoring and classroom learning to help students gauge their strengths and weaknesses in the UCAT.

We incorporate a range of teaching techniques, from an adaptive curriculum to a philosophy-oriented growth to thoroughly prepare a student to tackle the diverse UCAT subsections.


Our experts are one phone call or email away to ensure that our students are receiving high quality guidance in their UCAT preparation.

Over 60+ amicable UCAT tutors, each specialists in a UCAT section are available on your clock to have a chat about your UCAT aspirations and beyond!


The UCAT Team at Fraser’s has current and past medical students who are proud to have developed credible preparation materials to shape future medical students.

Through our PBL classroom lectures, skill trainer sessions and simulated exams, you will gain exposure to both the theoretical and practical framework of sitting the UCAT.

Our mentorship program can add tremendous value to your current study goals, be it high school or UCAT study and instills confidence in you to succeed in a demanding medical degree.


We don’t create concepts in a vacuum and instead deploy a three-stage, proven UCAT study process in our courses to ensure that our students become self-directed learners who can competently tackle the hurdles in the UCAT!

But, our support does not stop there. We are constantly generating fresh articles and tools, and update our LMS to succinctly cater to all your medicine goals!