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How To Apply For Undergraduate Medicine in Australia?

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When Can You Sit The UCAT?

If you want to study medicine or dentistry in 2023, you need to sit the UCAT ANZ between 1 July - 20 August 2022.

The good news is, there’s little effort in forwarding your UCAT score, as your results will automatically be passed on to universities within the UCAT Consortium around early September after applications close. Your results cannot be passed onto any universities outside the UCAT ANZ consortium, but remember to keep a hold of your UCAT identification number.

Unfortunately, you cannot sit the UCAT ANZ and UCAT UK within the same year, and that students cannot apply to Australian and New Zealand universities with their UCAT UK results.

What UCAT Score Is Needed To Get Into Medicine?

If you’ve already done some digging around the web, you’ll find all medical universities within the consortium have no current specifications as to what score is needed to gain an interview. So it’s really important that you do your best on the exam day to get that high score, preferably above the mean scaled-score of 2527 – keeping in mind that the UCAT is scored between 1200 and 3600. A UCAT score around 2920 would put you in the 90th percentile, giving you a good shot at scoring a medical interview.

But the UCAT isn’t all you need to get an interview. Most universities prefer some extracurricular diversity and some examples of leadership skills in their students. Though this doesn’t mean that you should be gunning for school captain, you can easily develop these skills and experiences by volunteering outside of school or joining clubs. Adding to this, we have the dreaded ATAR. For high school students, you should be looking to get an ATAR above 90. But just note that ATAR isn’t the be-all and end-all, where you can still receive interview offers below this, providing you do exceptionally well in the UCAT.

In any case, universities will outline what academic prerequisites you need to be eligible to study medicine in 2022. For our undergraduate students, the good news is that you are eligible to sit the UCAT if you have already commenced a university degree, or have even completed one. Your GPA score will more or less be converted to an ATAR if you’re applying to undergraduate medicine, but it should be noted that not all universities within the UCAT ANZ consortium hold places specific to undergraduate students – meaning that there are no guaranteed places.

You can, however, sit the GAMSAT (Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test) if you have commenced or completed your university degree, and you can find more information about that here.

Where To From Here?

We hope that this article could deliver some useful information about UCAT Key dates and the optimal score required to launch your medical career!

Having mentioned that, there are abundant Free Resources that is readily accessible to all on our Fraser's UCAT website. Check out some of our latest articles, giving you in-depth information about  UCAT time management and exposing some popular UCAT myths. Alternatively, check out our newly developed 'Undergraduate Medical Interview Calculator' solely created to give you the odds of receiving a medical interview offer from your dream undergrad medical school.